Mirror, mirror on the wall….

We are all probably familiar with the story of Snow White.In the castle was the evil queen who would keep asking the mirror who the "fairest of them all was", hoping that one day the mirror would give her the one answer she so wanted. That it was her!! Not that little upstart, Snow White,... Continue Reading →


Run away quick! He’s talking about the “C” word…commitment!!

Why is that some people are scared of commitment? Some couples living in defacto relationships feel more comfortable with the status quo and dread to think about formalising the relatiionship through marriage. After all, marriage takes commitment! Whether you realise it or not commitment can be found in all aspects of your life. You are... Continue Reading →

This is an amazing piece of advice.


Show your Old Behaviour something new…the door!

This evening I was sitting in my favourite chair, the cat on my lap. And I thought. I really should get up and exercise.I had bought myself an Xbox last year and one of the games I got was "Zumba" to help me lose weight. (I'm not fat or anything, I just felt likeĀ  I... Continue Reading →


Get rid of “Stinkin’ Thinkin'”

We all have them. Thoughts. Some are good, some are bad. Some help us in life, some pull us down and keep us down. The good news is that you can break the chains of bondage that "stinkin' thinkin'" has bound you in. We are the products of our thoughts. As has been said "As... Continue Reading →


Beware of Dream Bandits

Have you ever experienced the following: You are excited about something that you want to acheive, maybe it's something you have been thinking about for sometime. It could be a goal you want to strive for, a dream that you want to bring to pass.In your excitement and enthusiasm you share your dream with friends... Continue Reading →


I’m a W.I.P! What about you…?

I would like to proudly say that "I AM A W.I.P!" (sorry about the shouting, I just got excited!!!). I reckon, if you are honest with yourself, you'll porbably notice that you're a W.I.P. as well. So then...what exactly do I mean when I say I'm a W.I.P? Simply that I am a "Work In... Continue Reading →


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