I’m a W.I.P! What about you…?

I would like to proudly say that “I AM A W.I.P!” (sorry about the shouting, I just got excited!!!). I reckon, if you are honest with yourself, you’ll porbably notice that you’re a W.I.P. as well.

So then…what exactly do I mean when I say I’m a W.I.P? Simply that I am a “Work In Progress” (Hence, I am a W.I.P. and I dare say that youi are too).

We all have dreams and goals that we want to aspire to. We all have things that we want to change about ourselves and our lives (it might be that you’re not happy about the way you look, your body shape, your attitude. Maybe you are dissatisfied with where you are in life and don’t know what to do). Good news! You can change these because you are…what? THAT”S RIGHT! A W.I.P!!  You can acheive you goals and manifest your dreams. It just takes one important thing (and it’s not a secret, it doesn’t cost you anything (which is a good thing right? Free is a good price I think!)),

The thing that you need is:

A Decision!

That’s all you have to do if you want to improve your life. You just simply have to decide that you want to improve your life. It’s not going to be an “overnight thing” (anyone who promises that is either kidding, or completely deluded!), it’s a “journey of a lifetime”. That’s why I like to think of it as a “Work In Progress”. Because it’s ongoing…until the day we leave this Earth to the sweet “bye-and-bye in the sky”.

If you want to take the first step, then here are a few ideas to get you on the path:

  • If you lead a busy, stressful lifestyle. Stop!! Take time out, relax. Go and smell a flower. Listen to the birds singing. Or just relax in a nice hot bath!
  • You shy? (I was, etxremely shy!). What did I do? I just started saying “Hello” to people. And..guess what? They said “Hello” back!
  • Being meaning to lose weight, or become fitter than you are? Then DO IT!! (It only takes thirty minutes a day, 3-5 times a week).
  • Is there a goal that you have been meaning to acheive? Take time out, write it down (along with a time frame for when you want to acheive it). Now break the goal down into smaller goals and then…GO GET IT!!

I’m going to be completely honest with you all (just so you know that I am a fallible human being, just like you). I have been terrible at goal-setting. I would hate writing down goals of things that I want to acheive, because it would remind me of what I haven’t acheived . That made me feel pretty stink and useless.

But, then on New Years Eve (2012) I decided (oh,,,there’s that decision thing that I mentioned!) to sit down and write out goals for 2013. I have them in front of me as I write this. (This blog is actually one of the goals I have set for myself). Everyday I set tasks (only 2-3, don’t make it too many as you’ll become overwhelmed and quit!) that help me attain the goals I have set. Notice, that it is every day! (after all we’re all W.I.P.’s…it’s a daily thing!!).

My motto is “If I can do it, so can you!” All you need to do is to: DECIDE!!

So, become a W.I.P. , like me!! You won’t regret it. (By the way, it’s important to have FUN! If you can’t inject fun into things, then it makes it harder to motivate yourself).


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