Beware of Dream Bandits

Have you ever experienced the following:

You are excited about something that you want to acheive, maybe it’s something you have been thinking about for sometime. It could be a goal you want to strive for, a dream that you want to bring to pass.In your excitement and enthusiasm you share your dream with friends and family. Someone tells you not to be stupid, don’t waste your time. All of a sudden your enthusiasm has taken a hit. You begin to feel discouraged and wonder about whether you were truly that committed to the dream in the first place. Then what happens? You give up and agree that “maybe that person was right.”

I know, for myself, I have experienced that many times. Even as recent as 2 months ago!! I shared with someone close to me a couple fo things I am working on. I was told, “There’s too much competiton, everyone is doing that.”

I call these people “Dream Bandits”. Instead of encouraging you and getting behind you, they discourage you and tell you that you are wasting your time. What happens when they tell you this? You find that your dream has gone. It has just been stolen from you!!

It’s not only people, but also our own thoughts that are “Dream Bandits”. If you have led a life where you have never been encouraged. If you have never had people believe in you, then the tragedy is that you probably a poor self-image. You think of yourself as deficient and that there is no hope for you to “reach for the stars”. When you have a dream or goal, there is the little voice in the back of your mind that whispers (sometimes it shouts) “What’s the point of trying.  You’ll just fail again.” So you opt for the “safe option”, which is “Don’t try.and then you don’t fail” Then you don’t have to face the embarrassment of failure.

Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 10, 000 times when he tried to invent the light bulb? Imagine where we would be if he had just given up (Probably still using oil lamps…). But Mr. Edison took it in his stride. He is quoted as saying that he didn’t fail. He just discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work. Guess what? He finally succeeded!

What’s that got to do with “Dream Bandits”? A lot! We need to ignore all the negative voices around us (whether it is people or our own thoughts). Find people that will believe in you, who will get alongside you and will tell you “Go for it!” People that will mentor you.

There are still going to be detractors who will boo you from the sidelines. (It’s a sad fact of humanity that some people are threatened by people who acheive success.) Ignore those people, they’re on the sidelines which means only one thing: they are going nowhere!

Replace you negative thoughts with postive thoughts. Find self-affirmations that you can use to combat those negative thoughts when they creep in.

Your dreams are the precious things. They need to be protected and nurtured. Don’t allow anyone to come and take them from you. Make a quaility decision today that you are going to step out and bring your dreams, goals and visions to pass!

Step out in courage and…GO FOR IT!!!


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