Mirror, mirror on the wall….

We are all probably familiar with the story of Snow White.

In the castle was the evil queen who would keep asking the mirror who the “fairest of them all was”, hoping that one day the mirror would give her the one answer she so wanted. That it was her!! Not that little upstart, Snow White, with the perfect complexion and the ruby red lips.

In a rage of jealousy the evil queen decided it was time to “take out the competiton” and sent a poisoned apple to Snow White.

Does this story sound familiar to you? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Does it tell you what you want to hear? Are you the fairest of them all? Or is there someone else?

Let me turn the fairy tale on it’s head. Let me be the mirror that tells you that YOU are the “fairest of them all.” When you look in the mirror and do not like the peson staring back at you, then it is time to change!!

I am going to give you some steps on how you can change your self-image. It does take consistent work. It will not happen over night, but it will happen!! (How do I know? Because I have done it myself! And if I can do it…so can you!)

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others: You are a unique individual. There is noone like  you. What do you feel attracts people to you? Maybe you are caring and compassionate. Maybe you have a great sense of humour. Maybe you are great at listening.
    What is it that makes you…YOU? Make a list of how you are unique and look at it every day. Read it out loud and personalise it. “I am unique because I am…(fill in the blank).
  2. What is it that you find physically attractive about yourself? We all have a body! What is it that you like most about your body? Your face?
  3. But I do not believe I am attractive! Time to retrain your thoughts! A belief is merely something we put faith in and believe it is true. It is instilled and ingrained by those around you. Humans are social creatures. We have a natural tendency to be liked and accepted. When our peers say damaging things about us, it comes on board, registers in our mind and we think about it.The more we think about it the more we believe it, and the more ingrained it becomes in our thought patterns. (After all they are our peers. Our perceived equals, and we value their opinion. But what if their opinion is wrong. What if they are insecure within themselves and only feel better by tearing down those around them?)This is exactly how brain-washing works! The good news is that we can replace these thoughts with new thoughts. The lie is that you consider that yourself to be unattractive. It is time to change that negative self-image by replacing it with thoughts and affirmations that negate this lie and replaces it with the truth: that you are a beautiful, unique, attractive individual. There is noone on earth (and there are 6 billion people on this planet!) who is like you!

I know people who are physically beautiful, but they have an ugly personailty. I also know people who might not be blessed with the looks of an Adonis or super-model, but they have the most beautiful personalities that I have come across. What is the point of this? Simply this: it is what is on the inside that counts (personality), not what is on the outside (physical atrractiveness).

I want you all to do this daily, for the next 30 days. Stand in front of your mirror, look at yourself and speak out affirmations that enhance your self-image:

I am a beautiful, unique, valuable person

I radiate and glow with love  and compassionate.

There is noone else like me. I am an individual.

I am warm and caring.

You can find more here: http://affirmationsreallywork.com/blog/2009/05/25-self-esteem-affirmations-for.asp

At first, you may feel silly standing in front of the mirror speajking out these affirmations. One thing that is a given, is that your mind will be whispering that you are only fooling yourself because you are not that person. Please, please, please…ignore that voice. It is only speaking, because you have spent all your life believing the lie that you are worthless, ugly and valueless.

It’s time to “retrain the brain”!! 






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