Are you a floating Island?

Some peoople just cruise through life without any sense of purpose or direction. After all “Que Sera Sera”, right? Whatever will be will be…no point making plans they never work out anyway!

These people are always blown about by the whims and wishes of other people. Their direction is determined by the winds of those around them. They are blown about, directionless, like floating island. Does that sound like you? Are you always ready to succumb to the wishes and desires of those around you? Is your life’s direction determined by others rather than by you?

These floating islands are full of the junk that is blown and deposited on them by life and those around them. They might bump into another “floating island” and there might be an exchange:

“Oh you have no idea how terrible my life is. The kids are uncontrollable, the husband is so irritable lately.”

“You think you’ve got it bad? My dog needs to be put down tomorrow. My arthritic knee is playing up somewhat terribly. And I’m sure that this economy is heading down the drain!”

What has happened? Two islands have collided and swapped junk! One might take on more junk than it has given out. The result? A heavier load for that island to bear. It begins to sink beneath the waves of negativity and turmoil that pushes it about aimlessly in the sea of life.

Is there any hope for these floating islands?

There is! It requires the island to be anchored securely. Once it has been, it is no longer at the whims of the tides of negativity. It can resist the push and pull that has caused it to previously float aimlessy and directionless through life.

How does one become an anchored island?

First, realise that you have been floating through life, pushed and pulled by the wishes and desires of those around you. It’s time to stop and focus on yourself and on your life. The anchor has just been lowered and secured!!

Second, map out where you want to be in life. Chart out a course that embraces your hopes, dreams, goals, and wishes. Where do you want to be in your life? What do you want to achieve?

Third, remove all the junk that has weighed you down beneath the sea of life. Remove the negativity, the fears, the lack of self-belief, the mediocrity.

Fourth, with your course charted in life. Pull up the anchor and go for it!

You will be tossed and turned by the storms of life, but that’s when you need to refocus on where you are heading. Forget about the buffeting, forget about the negativity, just keep your sites fixed on the shores of your hopes and dreams.

Eventually you will be shouting “Land ahoy!” Congratulations your island has made it to the land of your dreams!



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