Stop! Listen to the silence!

Hey folks!It's been a couple of days since my last post. (OMG! Does that sound like a confession?) I had a wee Easter break!Today I was sitting on my back door step , having some lunch and listening to the sounds of nature. It was such a joy! Then I wondered, how often do we... Continue Reading →


Relax! Don’t do it…

Hey guys and gals!Thought I would like to begin by sharing a lyric from the good ol' 1980s (anyone remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood?)Relax! Don't do it...I'm probably taking this lyric completely out of context, but it has an awesome wee message behind it. Have you ever had those times when you feel you are... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the new me! (Still under construction…)

Today I thought I would just encourage you all. It actually takes guts to realise that there is something in you that needs to change, and then going forth and changing it. Well done!!You can boldly say "Welcome to the new me!" Why? Because you are a completely different person than you were yesterday. You'll... Continue Reading →


Be Gone!…Attitude!

Have you ever experienced the following (you most probably have!):You are going through the day, having fun, doing your thing. Maybe you are at work, or just out and about, or maybe you are at home. Anyway, like I said, you are doing your thing. Maybe you are minding your own business or perhaps you... Continue Reading →


You think. therefore you are…

Rene Descartes uttered these words...I think, therefore I amHe was explaining that, because he could think. he must exist. That is, one can not think if one does not exist! But I would like to rephrase his words (hopefully Descartes wont mind!). My phrase is:You think, therefore you are.What do I mean by that? I... Continue Reading →


Break free and sail the sea…

Hi folks!Today I want to talk about letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. You would be surprised at how often past events, past comments, past failures cause us to stay put. After all, we have tried to move on, but we still reflect on the past hurts, the ridicule we... Continue Reading →


OMG! What a weird day!

Hey guys and gals!Today has to have been one of the weirdest days I have experienced in a long time! Maybe I was one of the few that actually got up on the right side of the bed. All day I was surrounded by negativity!Is there some celestial misalignment going on that I was not... Continue Reading →


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