My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 5

Hey guys and gals!! Welcome to Day 5 of my 21-Day Challenge. (To those who aren’t familiar with what this is about. it is simple, I am trying to minimise/eliminate complaining from my life!). How did I go today?

Not too bad! This morning I was in one of the best moods I have been in (which to those people who know me and have the pleasure (at least I think it’s a pleasure) to work with me, will of found me sickenly happy!!). There were times today when I thought I was borderline complaining, but when I asked if I was, I was told that I wasn’t. PHEW! Sigh of relief!!

There was one time this afternoon, when I actually said something that was sarcastic (Yeah, yeah, I know…sarcasm is deemed to be the lowest form of wit, but sometimes (heck, a lot of the time!) it’s fun to be sarcastic!). I asked if that was complaining, because I was being sarcastic. Apparently not, I was just being sarcastic. (Another sigh of relief!) I thought “Man, I just dodged another bullet!”

At one point this afternoon I thought, the reason why there has not been much opportunity for me to complain is because of the absence of some antagonists around me. Honestly, as soon as I thought that, my mind just replied with “Those people are only antagonistic if you allow them to be!” That there has to be one of the best pieces of advice I have ever come across! That hit me out of the ball park! I thought “Whoa! that is good!” I was pretty sure that it did not come from me, because it was just to damn clever!

But that wee nugget of wisdom says it all: People and situations antagonise us only if we allow them to. We can make a choice at the beginning of the situation whether we allow it to affect us in a negative way, or if we just decide to shut our mouths and walk away. It usually takes the bigger person to do the latter.

So with that new revelation, I think I am ready for Day 6! Catch y’all tomorrow!


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