My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 7

Welcome to Day 7!

So how did I get on today? Well, to be fair, today was pretty quite. I spent most of the day at home, so there was nothing that i could complain about. I am sure that i could of found something to complain about if I looked hard enough. But it would take too much energy that I decided could be spent on more positive and productive matters.

I did a wee study on the etymology of “complaint” (etymology is the study of word origins). This is what I discovered:

Complain” means “find fault, lament”. I thought about that. To find something means that you have to be looking for something. In this case it is “fault”. We may all know somebody who is always finding fault with something, who is always complaining or whinging about something. Do they actually go looking for fault? Probably, or maybe they are just so used to seeing it everywhere and in everything!

That brings us to the other point in the description: lament To lament is to be sad or to exhibit grief. But what is it that the person complaining is sad about? What are they grieving over? It is simply a perceived loss. When we complain we are voicing our disgust over a situation or a person. Somehow that situation has affected us (or we have perceived it to affect us) in a negative way. We have seen it as some injustice or a violation of our rights. There is a loss that we believe we have suffered.

But how accurate are our conclusions about the situation? That is why I said it is “perceived”. It is our own perception of the situation. But is our perception valid? Do we have all the facts or are we simply “diving off the deep end”?

I have always tried to see both sides of the story, but since my self-imposed challenge, I have realised that there are times when I only want my side of the story. That is when we start to complain and justify our complaints.

Maybe it is time we stop being so “one-eyed”, shut our mouths and do some thinking. Perhaps then we will complain less and agree more.

Day 8 tomorrow!







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