My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 10

Welcome back folks! So, Day 10, huh? I can not believe I have made it this far! (True I have slipped up on the way. The less said about Day 3 the better methinks! 😛 )

Did I manage to get through the day without whinging? It was hard. This morning I had to deal with a lady who had the most arrogant attitude I have come across in a long time. (BTW, that’s not a complaint, that is a statement of fact!). She tried to make me feel like an idiot. I fought off the feelings of inferiority that tried to come over me, Then with a smile I sent her on her way and wished her well. (It wasn’t with sarcasm either!).

After that I so wanted to go and whinge and moan about how rude she was. But I fought back! I had to redirect my attention and psychic energies elsewhere. That was a hard thing to do, but I managed.

There were a couple of other times when people just annoyed me (or should I say that I felt annoyed by them?). Inside me I just wanted to let out all that I felt about them, then go off and whinge about the way they treated me, but I realised that would of resolved nothing.

So what did I learn from Day 10? I learned that one possesses the ability to consciously refocus their attention from a negative situation to a positive. It doesn’t require that you go off somewhere and have a big “moan session”. It does not mean that you have to go and complain to someone about what someone else has said; or what they didn’t say; what they did; or what they didn’t do.

It just takes you to make a decision to refocus your thoughts. Forget about what has happened. If you feel that you have been wronged, then go and talk to the person who has wronged you rather than stewing about it.

You’ll find your life a lot more happier, a lot more positive, and a lot more healthier if you decide to stop complaining and start complimenting!!

Day 11 tomorrow!! (That’s like, past the half-way mark of my challenge!)


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