My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 12

Hey everybody! Welcome to Day 12!

It is getting easier not to complain!! I found today that I still have to be on the alert, in case something slips out. But generally, my need for whinging and whining is diminishing! 

Did I feel the need at all today just to “let one out’? Definitely! Especially this morning when I had to deal with a guy who was a less than happy customer. He was getting pretty boisterous and I just told him that I was sorting out the situation for him. He wanted to argue with me, but I just calmly stuck to the facts and asserted myself.

A couple of weeks ago I would of complained all day about the guy and his attitude. But today I just dealt with it and moved on! That’s the thing about complaining, it causes you to kind of  re-live the moment and all those negative, angry, hostile feelings flood back! The outlet is to have a good moan and whinge to let out all that negative emotion that has built up!

But is that healthy? I don’t think so. I am not saying that talking about how one feels shouldn’t be encouraged. What I am saying is that whinging and moaning is not a productive way to deal with the negative emotion one is experiencing. All it does is bring others down too.

So next time you feel like you want to pour out all the negative feelings that have built up within you, instead of complaining about things, why don’t you try just simply talking about it. Is there a difference between complaining and disclosing how you feel? There is! It’s a fine distinction. One is negative and doesn’t help anyone, the other allows you to discuss how you are feeling in a calm manner without having to pull anyone down.

Day 13 tomorrow folks!


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