My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 13

So it’s Day 13!! I honestly did not think I would last this long without having to start and the challenge all over again! After all I did screw it up on my third day. 😦

But, it is only just over a week to go and then I have achieved my goal! For those that have just tuned in, my goal is to minimise/eliminate my complaining. If I complain, then I have to start the 21 days all over again. The goal is to go 21 days without complaining!

How did I fare today? It is getting easier! The need to complain just lurks in the background of my mind like a dirty shadow! The hard part is when people are complaining around you and then ask for your input. That happened a couple of times today! I was minding my own business, then along came people who were having a bad day, blaming other people for things and whinging, and then they would spew it all out on me!

I thought “Uh-oh! How am I gonna get out of this situation. This person has just dropped a complaint bomb and wants me to join in!” What does one do when they are in such a situation? I freaked a wee bit (because I felt a subtle urge to join in), then considered how I could reply without complaining! I just gave an honest answer that dealt factually with the comments made. That took effort! I had to think really carefully on how I would reply!!

That is one of the major benefits of this whole challenge. It has caused me to re-evaluate how I communicate. Instead of complaining and being all negative, I now think and question whether I should say anything at all! Sometimes it’s easier just to say nothing, smile and walk away. Heck, someone might complain about you walking away, but hey, that’s their problem.

So next time you are invited to a “pity party”, decline the invitation and have your own “positivity party”! (it might be a bit lonely, but, trust me, you are having more fun than the other guys!)

Day 14 tomorrow! That means only two things:

  1. I am two thirds of the way through my challenge.
  2. Only another 7 days to go!! (Will that mean I’m cured? Hope so!!)

Catch you all tomorrow!




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