My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 14

Welcome to Day 14!! (Two thirds of the way through my challenge! 🙂 )

Today was pretty uneventful. Sorry. (Yeah I did apologise because I feel like I should of given you all something more exciting to read about today!). But there is nothing wrong with having a relaxing day, doing nothing but hanging around home. I rang a friend up this afternoon and she asked me what my “21-Day Challenge” was all about. So I told her.

She made a valid point. She said that she read that it is healthy for people to complain. Why? Because it is an outlet for all the negative emotion that you are feeling. It’s not healthy to suppress those emotions. That it true!

It is well known that our bodies are negatively affected when we suppress emotions. It happens at such a small level that you don’t notice it. Then a few years down the track you find that you are suffering from a heart attack, a stroke, or some other life threatening illness. I am not saying that to scare anyone. it’s just a fact that suppressing negative emotions can eventually lead to chronic disease.

So what my friend mentioned was bang on the money. Does that mean we now have a license to complain? NO!!

I mentioned to her that a more healthy outlet would be to deal with the situation by talking it through. (“Complaining is talking it through!” I can hear someone say, sarcastically). What I mean is that, instead of whinging about a situation, deal with it. If you feel that you have been wronged by someone, go and talk to them. Tell them how you feel. Do not bottle up your feelings! I want you all to live long, healthy, happy lives! 🙂

If you think that you can not talk to so-and-so and just wished that the ground would open up and swallow them. Then write down how you feel. How long do you write for? As long as it takes to get all those yucky, potentially lethal (remember folks, these feelings can cause havoc to your body!), negative feelings released out of you.

What do I do with the bit of paper after I have written out one of the most hateful tirades that has ever been created? Well, you can keep it, burn it, eat it, throw it in the rubbish, make a paper plane out of it…do what ever you feel you want to with it! The main thing is that you have gotten those negative feelings out. You’re free!! (One thing I would suggest, more as an experiment for yourself than for anyone else: compare how you feel after you have written about your feelings to how you felt before you started writing. I guarantee you will feel much better!).

To quote the great Mr. Spock…

“Live long and prosper.”

You can have a long, prosperous life by dealing with the negative emotions in a healthy way. Day 15 tomorrow! (Only 6 more days to go!!)






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