My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 15

Well….what do you know, it’s Day 15!! I am on the home stretch now. 🙂 Only 6 more days to go for my challenge.

Just now I saw a poster on a blog that I follow:

The poster said:

I’ve worked too hard to quit now

I thought that that was so apt to read on the beginning of my last week of this challenge. It has been hard work. But I mentioned to someone today that I’ve come this far, I am not quitting now!! Was today any easier than any other day? Yes and No.

There were times when I felt like screaming because I was getting annoyed, but I found ways to let my frustrations out without complaining or moaning. This world and it’s negativity doesn’t suddenly stop just because you may have decided to do something positive. In fact, it can be harder because you become more aware of the negativity around you.

This evening I was commended by a friend for coming so far in my challenge. The friend also mentioned how more positive i have become. I honestly did not think I have become anymore positive than I was before I started. But I had another friend confirm that I have become more positive. That’s an interesting observation.

As we strive (and it is a striving, it takes conscious effort and work!) to eliminate negativity from a certain areas of our lives (like me eliminating complaining), the by-product is that we become more positive in areas that seem to have nothing to do with that area!

It is like a wee speck of light that begins as a little glow, and then we nurture it until it grows and spreads light all through us! Some people might hate us shining, but I like to think of those people as “emotional vampires”. They hate the light but love the darkness of negativity, they feed on the “blood” of gossip, rumours, complaining, and hate.

I honestly am having fun with this challenge. I have learned so much about myself (and I hope you might of learned something too along the way). Already I am contemplating what my next challenge will be. 🙂

Day 16 tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 15

  1. I actually just completed a 21 day challenge 2 days ago 🙂 Must be that time of year. But good luck, u got this! I discovered the challenge on TED Talks Shawn Achor’s The Happy Secret to Better Work


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