My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 16

Welcome to Day 16! And what a day it has been!

Everything was going swimmingly this morning. No worries, just cruising along happy in my work. Had my morning coffee break, had my lunch, and then it seemed to creep up on me. The afternoon from hell!!

I was getting annoyed. I was getting frustrated. I was getting stressed!!! I felt it building up in me. I just wanted to burst out in anger! Unfortunately I did at one point. Sorry folks. I am still human after all. So…I must of complained. I must of blown all my hard work in one fit of rage. WRONG!!!

I just said to a person that when I asked for some assistance I did not want an attitude from them, which is what I got. I was told that it was my fault. But I just ignored that comment and carried on. I didn’t say anything in retaliation, I just kept my mouth shut and walked away.

I reflected back on the situation and wondered, retrospectively, if there was anything I could of done to handle something similar differently next time. This is when one can glean new learnings about themselves. It requires one to be completely honest with oneself. I asked myself:

  • What is it that caused me to react the way I did when I snapped at the person? Answer = the build up of stress, frustration, and irritation that I had been experiencing.
  • Is there a way i could of handled the situation better?
  • Was it my fault? Or was it the other person? Or was it both of us? (we don’t have to be “door-mats” allowing other people to walk all over us. We can be assertive if the need requires it. If it was the other person, take them aside and have a talk about what it was that they did that upset you. It can be done in a calm and mature manner.)

These are just several questions I asked myself this afternoon when i reflected back on what had happened in that negative situation.

True. I was irritated this afternoon. True. I was frustrated. True. I was stressed. True. I did not complain! It took a lot of self-control though!

Day 17 tomorrow!




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