My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 17

Only 4 more days to go folks!! Victory is immanent.

Or should I say that victory is here already because I have lasted 17 days without complaining!! How did I go on Day 17 I hear you ask. Well, it was better than yesterday. I was not as stressed, but there was one period today when I was slightly stressed. I just walked away from the situation and let other people deal with it. After all, these people decided they needed to be involved even though the situation did not involve them.

I was like “Oh well, this person here asked me to help them out. But now you all want in on the situation so I’ll leave you all to it!”. Then I went and found some Blu-tac (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is like plasticine which is blue and is used to fix posters, etc. to the wall), and I made a wee cat out of it for one of my work colleagues. I found an outlet to calm myself down!! I was creative!

I had refocused!  I felt myself calm down! That is another lesson I learned. Instead of complaining, whinging and moaning, just refocus that negative energy into something positive. Go for a walk. Write a story. Paint a picture. Pat the cat (or make one out of Blu-tac or plasticine like I did!). Do something constructive. When you do then you will feel even better than you did. Why? Because you refocused your negativity and created something that was positive! Be proud of the story, picture, plasticine animal, or the calories you just burnt up during that walk!!

Make a decision now that instead of being negative and wanting to complain, you will find a positive outlet in which to release that negativity!

Day 18 tomorrow!!




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