My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 18

Hi guys! Welcome to Day 18!

This morning when I arrived to work I was so excited because it was Day 18! I said to some of my colleagues “It’s Day 18!!”. One responded back by implying that I must be cheating. I asked how can I cheat? To which came the reply that I have moaned and used the excuse that “I was only making an observation.”

But what is the difference between complaining and speaking you mind? After all, not complaining does not necessarily mean that you can not speak up when you disagree with something, or saying that you do not like the way you have been treated. I was told today (as I had been at the beginning of this challenge) that it is all about your tone of voice.

I consider that is only half of it. The other half is if you go on and on and on about what has happened, you tell everyone that cares to listen about how you have been “wronged”. You whinge about it, but you do not deal with the problem. To me, that is complaining. Maybe you have a different definition or idea, That’s okay. It is a broad concept to pin down in one definition.

This evening I reflected back on what my work colleague said about how they think I must be cheating. I thought “Why did they say that?” This is my conclusion:

They said that because they think that nobody can go through a challenge like I have for the past 18 days and not slip up continually. Maybe they think it is impossible for someone to go for so many days without one complaint slipping out. (I still remember Day 3!).

But that is their perception, based on their own personal belief. They may think “Well I could not do what he is doing, so therefore he must be cheating somehow.” That s a selfish perception! The fact that I have gone 18 days without making a single complaint proves how inaccurate my work colleague’s statement is!

This morning I had a close friend that I work with decide to do this 21-Day Challenge. I was touched that I have influenced her by my own example. I told her to “Go for it!”

Do not be fooled folks. It’s not an easy challenge. You will stumble and fall. There will be people (just like my work colleague) who may think that you are not doing it right (but these people are not even doing anything themselves, so just ignore anything they say!). There will be people who may ridicule you (I honestly have not had that happen in my challenge, but it could happen). Just ignore those people. I always ask myself: “What are they doing to improve themselves?” The answer is: Nothing!

You will feel much better about yourself and you will become a more positive, happier person. So if you want to do the challenge, just like my friend has decided to do, I have just 3 words for you:


Day 19 tomorrow. (Only 3 more days!). BTW, I have already decided what my next challenge will be. I’ll tell you all after Day 21!


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