My self-imposed 21-Day challenge! DAY 19

Hi folks! Welcome top Day 19!!

Today was pretty uneventful. That did cause me some concern when it came to figuring out what to write for today’s entry. There were no challenges that I had to face. No obstacles to overcome. I thought “What  can I share with you guys? Is there anything I can glean from a day of relaxation that I can share?”

That is when it hit me like a bolt of lightning! I love it when that happens! I thought “I’ll talk about relaxing!”

It is so important to take time out for yourself. You all may know the benefits of just unwinding, having a good ol’ lie down. It not only benefits you physically, but also mentally. Each day I do at least 30 minutes of Deep Relaxation exercise.

If you make this a daily activity, then you will find yourself becoming less stressed, more tolerant, more positive and happier!! Oh, plus it also has the added benefit of physical wellness and lengthening your life expectancy!

What has this got to do with not complaining? Re-read the above papagraph! You will become more tolerant and more positive That means you will not complain like you have done in the past. Things that have irritated you, you will find will not annoy you like they did! It’s a wonderful experience!

On days when I get really stressed I have an extra dose of deep relaxation. Instead of 30 minutes, I might do an hour. Sometimes I will put on some meditative/relaxation music, break out the incense, relax in a hot bath and just allow the stress and negativity to melt away!

It’s is up to you how you deal with the negativity, but one thing I recommend is do Deep Relaxation exercises (you can find plenty on the internet and YouTube) for at least 30 minutes daily. You will amaze yourself on the effect it has on you and for you!

Day 20 tomorrow! (Only 2 more days to go!)


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