OMG! What a weird day!

Hey guys and gals!

Today has to have been one of the weirdest days I have experienced in a long time! Maybe I was one of the few that actually got up on the right side of the bed. All day I was surrounded by negativity!

Is there some celestial misalignment going on that I was not aware of? This morning I observed one guy slamming cupboard doors and drawers trying to find a roll of stickers that he had seen earlier. The more, he looked the more frustrated he got. He got in a right tizzy!

This afternoon there were several people looking for another object. It started with one person, then another got involved, then another and another! All these people ended up getting each other stressed and irritable.

I honestly could not believe what I was watching. It was like some virus that was jumping from one person to the other to the other. Next thing the whole atmosphere was full of negativity and anger. Most of the people I witnessed in the situation had caught the “negativity bug”.

What we all need to learn is how to be immune to catching something that contagious. Just because someone around you is being negative, stressed and wanting to “dump” it on you, does not mean you have to “catch” that bug!! Become immune!! I found that I was immune in the midst of the whole situation. I was like a calm blue ocean while the storm blew all around me.

How do you become immune from negativity? It takes a combination of things. (Just like it does when you need to build up your immunity against a natural illness). Here is my wee recommendation (it is a daily dosage!!):

  • When you get up in the morning tell yourself that you are going to have a great day!
  • Avoid contact with those carrying the “negativity bug.” (That does not mean you have to be a snob and ignore them. Just do not allow yourself to be affected by the negativity they want to spread!)
  • Do Deep Relaxation exercises. Do these for at least 20-30 minutes a day. (I find that visualisation meditation is a great soother of the soul. I do these at least once a day!)
  • If you feel yourself getting stressed or tense. Stop what you are doing, or walk away from the situation (you can always go back once you are ready!). Take several deep breathes. Concentrate your attention on your breathing.

I do these all the time. It takes discipline and work. But on days like today, when there was negativity and tension no matter where I went or looked, it helped me get through the day.

This evening I just took time out on the couch and relaxed in silence. No radio on. No TV blaring away. Just the stillness of the evening touching my soul and liberating me from the negativity that tried to steal my peace!

I hope this helps you all develop some sense of peace and serenity as you go through your day. It would be foolish for anyone to think that they will never encounter negativity during the day, but we can choose not to let it steal the thing that we should protect most: our peace!




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