Break free and sail the sea…

Hi folks!

Today I want to talk about letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. You would be surprised at how often past events, past comments, past failures cause us to stay put. After all, we have tried to move on, but we still reflect on the past hurts, the ridicule we received, maybe even the lack of faith shown toward us by those we care about.

But where was all that gotten you? It has gotten you exactly where you are now! Instead of sailing toward your destination, toward your dream, you have just allowed the storms of life to buffet you. You may have anchored your boat in a shore that you thought provided comfort and shelter. Perhaps the shore you have found does provide that, if so good for you. I am happy that you have found a safe harbour that you can call home.

If you find that your harbour has not provided the shelter, then it is time to weigh anchor and keep sailing. Break free from the past, look toward the future. If you have just been meandering through life, then it’s time to go down into the “cabin”, pull out the map, and plot your destination! Where do you want to head? What shore do you want to berth in?

You cannot deny the past storms you have been through, but it does not mean that you have to put your boat into “dry dock”. Just repair the hull, mend the holes, fix what has been damaged in the storms and then sail free toward your destination!

There will be “pirates”. Those who want to jump on board your ship and steal what you have. Fight them off! Protect your peace, protect your vision! Do not allow those around you to rob you of what you have and what you are collecting on the way. For in your journey, you will collect precious treasures of peace and jewels of wisdom.

The storms of life will not cease, but you can navigate through them and become a stronger person than you were before. Here is a quote that I read the other day:

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor

Break free from the past and sail the sea of life. Plot your destination, keep it focused in your mind, navigate through the storms and deal with the pirates (make them walk the plank!). Then one day you will rejoice because you have reached the shore that you had been looking for. Go forth!!


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