Be Gone!…Attitude!

Have you ever experienced the following (you most probably have!):

You are going through the day, having fun, doing your thing. Maybe you are at work, or just out and about, or maybe you are at home. Anyway, like I said, you are doing your thing. Maybe you are minding your own business or perhaps you are helping someone out. You might be doing what you think is right…and then…BAM!!! You are hit with an attitude from someone! You didn’t expect it, and it knocks you for a home run right out of the Ball Park!

I had that today. I thought I was doing the right thing. There was a phone call and the person asked for “so-and- so” (by the way that is not their real name, I just used “so-and-so” for anonymity!). We have two people by that name working at work. I wasn’t thinking when I passed the phone to “so-and-so”. I was just doing what I thought was the right thing.

Aopparently it wasn’t. “So-and-so” had a real mean attitude about the whole thing, because it was for the other “so-an-so” that had the day off. Then I was made to feel like I was somehow incompetent.

I reflected on the situation and realised my error. But the attitude that I saw, where “so-and-so” somehow thought he was superior to me in every way just really irked me. I thought “What gives him the right to try and make me feel small?” If he wants to get an attitude because I made a mistake, let him. After all, I am sure that he is not completely infallible.

Then I noticed how deep down inside me I felt I had been infected by this guy’s attitude. I was reflecting on the way he treated me. I reflected on how deceived he must be to think that he never makes mistakes. The worse thing was I felt growing inside me, in the depths of my soul, an attitude!! Not a good one either! I quickly refocused my mind onto something else and made a conscious effort to let what I had experienced lie where it was…in the past!

That is the thing about negative attitudes. Someone will come along with one, and for some reason, want to share it with you! How generous, huh? But that is where you can decide, like I did. Will you allow that attitude to ruin the perfect day you have had until then? Will you allow it to ruin the rest of your day? These were choices I had to make. Guess what I decided? I decided to not allow the attitude to affect me! If “so-and-so” wants to have an attitude, let him! Let him own it, nurture it, like some vile pet.

Here is the secret (well, it’s not a secret, it’s a technique!) that I found myself using to kill the attitude that was trying to grow inside me:

  1. Stop reflecting on the situation. Place your focus elsewhere. That takes discipline and conscious effort!
  2. Realise that you do not have to allow the negativity of the attitude to come on you. Deflect it by remaining calm, positive, and knowing that the attitude belongs to the other person. It doesn’t belong to you! Do not own it!
  3. Know that you do not have to be made to feel inferior by anyone! Nobody has the right to make you feel small!

Tell the negative attitude to “Go!” You are not welcome in my life!”. Here is a wee quote for you all (I cannot remember who said it, or even where it came from, but it is a great wee quote to hang on to):

Do not allow anothers attitude to affect your altitude

Fly high! If someone wants to try an hit you with a bolt of lightning out of the blue (like I had today. Honestly, it did kinda hit me out of the blue!), then fly above the storm clouds. Spread your wings, think about the sun that is still shining above the clouds, and then ascend!



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