Welcome to the new me! (Still under construction…)

Today I thought I would just encourage you all. It actually takes guts to realise that there is something in you that needs to change, and then going forth and changing it. Well done!!

You can boldly say “Welcome to the new me!” Why? Because you are a completely different person than you were yesterday. You’ll be a completely different person tomorrow than the person than you are now! You will of changed in a more positive way and become a “new” person! You should rejoice in that. How often do we look at the sunrise in the morning and think “It’s a new day that has just begun!”, but we don’t look at ourselves and think “I am a new person, different than I was yesterday!.” Rejoice in that truth!!

Sure, you are going to get those people who knock you down, who may ridicule you, make you question what you are doing and why. But ignore those people. You may not be where you want to be (as far as reaching your goal is concerned). But you are closer today, than you were yesterday. Tomorrow you will be even closer than you are today!! Also, those people that knock you are actually going nowhere, so just ignore them!

Here is an analogy for you all:

Just think of yourself as a house that you have decided needs renovating. You have a picture in mind of what this new house should look like (the “new” you!).

How do you start the renovations? Usually by drawing up a plan, or picture, of what you want the new house to look like. So, you have to create goals for the person that you want to become, write them down. Do you want to be happier?; lose weight?; smile more?; build your self-esteem?

Next you start in one area of the house and start the renovations. When you want to improve yourself, start with one area and work on it. Then once you have achieved the result (finished “renovating the room”), move on to the next area.

It is going to take time and effort. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day (not that I’m advocating that you need to rebuild Rome!). Just realise that all good things take time.

There are going to be “vandals” that want to destroy your work. Stay vigilant and alert against these people. Those who want to make you doubt your efforts, those who ridicule you, those who question you motives. Tell these people that you are not going to tolerate their negativity. Maybe they do not understand what you are trying to “build”. perhaps they liked the old “house”, it was comfortable and familiar. But when they see the “new” house they will love it even more than the old one!

Build yourself “one room at a time”. Each change you make to yourself creates a a new you. More beautiful than before. Just as a “new” house is completed, there are always minor changes that the inhabitants make, such as changing the carpet, buying a new lamp, rearranging a room. (That is what I consider to be “still under construction”).

Go forth and build your “house”. “Renovate” you life! Each paint stroke is a stroke closer to the goal. It has just made the room “new”, because it contained something that was not there earlier: a new paint stroke! So you can say to your friends. family, co-workers, cat, or dog:

Welcome to the new me! (Still under construction…)!


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