Relax! Don’t do it…

Hey guys and gals!

Thought I would like to begin by sharing a lyric from the good ol’ 1980s (anyone remember Frankie Goes to Hollywood?)

Relax! Don’t do it…

I’m probably taking this lyric completely out of context, but it has an awesome wee message behind it. Have you ever had those times when you feel you are getting wound up tighter and tighter and tighter. Then it feels like you are going to snap?

Maybe someone said something hurtful, or in anger. Perhaps someone did something (or forgot to do something) and now you are irritated.  Or it may be that you new puppy has left a “present” on your expensive, new carpet! I have those times, and I can feel the stress and tension building in me.

What can you do in those times?  After all, you don’t want to do anything stupid (I hope!). You don’t want to fly of the handle and make a bad situation worse. But you can feel all the tension and stress building in you. You feel it growing in your belly and it is slowly boiling up and rising, you are pretty sure that you are going to erupt like Mt Vesuvius!

The first thing you can do is become aware of yourself. That means, just sense when you can feel the initial stages of stress or tension building. This takes a bit of practice and self-analysis. No one knows you better than you know yourself. Plus we are all different. What may affect one person may not affect another.

When you sense tension building up. Do something about it. “What do I do?” you ask. Walk away from the situation for a while and take in several long deep breaths. This also give you the opportunity to re-evaluate the situation and consider appropriate responses (if required! Nobody ever wins in a “name-calling” contest.)

If the situation needs you to deal with it, then deal with it in a calm manner. (After you have done the “deep-breathing” exercise!). Otherwise relegate the situation to where it lives…in the past! Move on. Don’t allow a negative situation to steal your enjoyment of “now”!!

So, in a nutshell: “Relax! Don’t do it!” That is, don’t react negatively to a negative situation! Take time out, relax, then revisit the siutation if necessary. Otherwise, forget about it and move on!!



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