I think I am Happy…

Hey everyone!Are you happy? Truly happy? Or do you merely think you are? How do I know if I am or not? Well...you just kind of know. Do you spend most of the day smiling? Do you get out of bed in the morning with a groan or with a song? Do you appreciate the... Continue Reading →


Your Emotional Compass

Hey everyone!One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from a counsellor a couple of years ago. He said "Do not allow anyone else's emotional compass determine your direction!"I used to allow people who were heading down (south) to bring me down with them. I would be feeling "on top of the... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Thought!

Hey everyone!We have them all the time. Sometimes they make us happy. Sometimes they make us sad. Sometimes they make us angry or scared! We might even stew over them. Toss them over in our minds. What are they? THOUGHTS!Thoughts can be positive or negative. They have such a powerful effect on us. They can... Continue Reading →


Open the Door!

Hey everyone!They say "Opportunity knocks", but sometimes we think it always knocks on other people's doors and not ours. We look out the window, like an anxious parent waiting for their child to get home, vigilantly looking for opportunity to knock.But sometimes we have to go looking for it! That might not seem fair, but... Continue Reading →


A New Day, A New Page

Hey folks!How many of you have had a day where you wish you shouldn't of got out of bed? The familiar¬† "Day from Hell". All you can think about is the horrible things that have gone wrong. Then you get into the "Why Me's?"Finally the day reaches an end, you climb into bed thanking the... Continue Reading →


Don’t Let your Bubble Pop!

Hey folks!Have you ever experience the following?: You are happy, having fun, nothing bothers you then...WHAMO!..somebody says something or does something and then your mood changes for the worse!What just happened? Your bubble just got popped!! We can be coasting along in our own happy world, oblivious to all around us, but then something touches... Continue Reading →


Go Outside and Play!

Hey folks!How often have we told the kids to "Go outside and play!" What is our motive behind the suggestion? Maybe it is so we can have a break from them. Perhaps we are concerned that they spend too much time inside playing on their PS3 or Xbox. We may be concerned that they are... Continue Reading →


Why…Thank You!

Hey everyone!How often do we take things for granted? When we become familiar with people over time do we still show the same gratitude we did when we first met them? How often do we say "Thank-you" for the small things that people do for us?It may not be our fault. Maybe we have grown... Continue Reading →


Are You in Your Zone? Well Get Out of It!!

Hey there guys and gals!I bet you are thinking. There is nothing wrong with being in my "zone". But the zone I am talking about is the good ol' "Comfort Zone". We love to park up in THAT zone. There is no demands, no pressure, everything is sweet, it's a comfortable spot.But look at where... Continue Reading →


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