Hope, don’t leave!!!

Hey guys and gals!!

Today I thought I would talk about hope! We all possess some ounce of “hope” (I hope!). But what is hope? Here are a couple of definitions I grabbed off the net:

“a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen” (Oxford Dictionary)

“to cherish a desire with anticipation”; “to desire with expectation of obtainment” (Webster’s Dictionary)

So we see that “hope” is a desire, expectation, anticipation of something we are looking forward to. It is a future-minded, in that the object of our hope is in the future. We move to bring that desire, that hope, into the present so we can enjoy the thing that we hoped for!

That “bringing” into the present of the hope requires action on our part. We can hope as much as we want that there will be steak for dinner, but without having steak in the fridge to cook, will mean that you are gong to be waiting a while! We need to turn that hope into a goal! That requires action, persistence and faith! How are you going to obtain the thing you have hoped for? What steps are you going to take to bring it to pass? Here is something you can all think about:

Hope without actions is merely a wish!

But there are some things that I hope for, that are beyond my control!” you may lament. It is true that there are some things that  you may be hoping for, that are outside of your control.

Maybe you have heard that you have new neighbours moving in,and you hope that they are good neighbours! Perhaps you have been told that you are getting a new boss and you hope they won’t be tyrannical! These are things that are outside of your control. If things don’t work out as you hope they would, then deal with the situation as best as you can.

Have you ever been told: “Don’t get you hopes up?” I have!! How does that make you feel when you are told that? Another thing is, why did the person who told you that, tell you that!?! It’s because they are so accustomed to having their hopes dashed, and the ensuing pain that it causes, that they don’t want you to experience the pain they felt. It is a commendable action, but it is misguided!

So, what happens when the thing you have hoped for doesn’t eventuate? It makes you feel, pretty sad, disappointed and…hopeless! You may wonder why on earth did you bother hoping for that thing in the first place. After all, you knew that it wasn’t going to eventuate! (Great negative thinking there! Stop it!!).

Things can get pretty serious when things you hope for don’t come to pass. Negative thoughts pile up like cars in a traffic jam on the highway!! They all want to enter your mind and remind you how stupid you were to even begin hoping in the first place! Next thing you know, you are heading into despair and depression. The future doesn’t look as bright as it did, the clouds of discouragement are forming and all you can see is a deluge coming that will wash away any remaining trace of encouragement.

You need to fight back! Call out the “Civil Defense”. Put up the sandbags of encouragement! Call in the reinforcements (people who believe in you and will tell you to push on). Keep the flood of despair at bay!! Don’t give up! The thing you might of hoped for may not of happened, but was it out of your control? If it was, then accept that. If it was within you control. Guess what? It still is!! You just need to regroup your thoughts, revise your plans and reset your goals!!

The most powerful ally you can have in living a meaningful life, is hope! Tell hope “Don’t leave! I need you!!”

I hope you got something out of this! 🙂




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