Time to enjoy living!!

Hey folks!

Today I want to share with you a wee revelation I had today. Just after lunch I decided to go for a walk along the beach (which is only a 15 minute walk away from my place). After the wee epiphany I got the other day (you can read about that here) I thought I would just take time out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.

I had a look at the time and it was 1:18pm and I thought “I haven’t got much time to go and enjoy the beach!That is when it hit me! Why was I in such a hurry? I had nothing planned for the afternoon apart from doing some more study (I am studying psychology). It’s not like I had any pressing engagements! What was it that demanded that I had to be back as soon as possible? Nothing!

Our lives can dictate what we do and for how long! We are so used to waking up in the morning by setting an alarm. We don’t want to be late for work do we? Then we rush through breakfast whilst thinking about the day ahead. Life is busy! We get caught up in the busyness of living. It’s not our fault, we have been brought up in a culture that is “time-bound”. We have instant-coffee, fast-food, up-to-date news streaming at us through the TV/smartphone/tablets, microwave ovens, self-serve checkouts (because we are in a hurry and don’t want to wait in the queue!). Society has created a mindset where we are always in a hurry. We can’t wait. We need things now!

That’s what I realised for myself today. I thought “I need to do this and this!”, But then I went “Hang on! You are going to the beach! You are going there to enjoy nature and appreciate the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore, the sound of the seagulls in the sky! Don’t rush! Take your time.”

That is what I did! I slowly walked along the shore line, listening and watching the waves. Forgetting about time, just enjoying being there! That is what living is all about. That is what life is all about! Taking time out from our busy schedules and realising that there is a world out there!! A world of beauty and wonder. We need to make time to enjoy it.

Break the habit of having life dictate to you what you have to do with your time. Life passes us pretty quickly and we can miss it! It is time to start dictating to life and telling it what you are going to do!

Instead of merely living life…go and experience life!



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