Are You in Your Zone? Well Get Out of It!!

Hey there guys and gals!

I bet you are thinking. There is nothing wrong with being in my “zone”. But the zone I am talking about is the good ol’ “Comfort Zone”. We love to park up in THAT zone. There is no demands, no pressure, everything is sweet, it’s a comfortable spot.

But look at where you are in life. Is it where you want it to be? We can all become creatures of habit. We wake up in the morning, have the same cereal, drink the same coffee and take the same route to work. Maybe in the evenings we have a ritual that we repeat because it has become familiar.

That is the thing with “Comfort Zones”, they become our familiar friends. When we reflect as to when they came into our lives, we fail to pin point the exact moment. They just kinda of stealthily moved into our lives and we accepted them. We make excuses for them. “Oh it’s the way I’ve always done it!”, “I’m too old to change.” ,”If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

When you look at where you are in life, maybe you can see the results of you snuggling up with your comfort zone. It makes you feel safe and secure. When you decide to change, the comfort zone starts to scream out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? You were so happy with me!” Honestly, if you were that happy with your comfort zone, then you would not of decided to make a change. The fact that you have decided to change shows how dissatisfied you were.

It is not easy overcoming a comfort zone. After all, you guys may have had a long, cosy relationship. You may hear your comfort zone lament the fact that it’s over between you two. It may even make you feel guilty. “After all we’ve been through! All that I have helped you with. How comfortable I have made you feel. You want to leave me!” Just tell it that it is truly over and you have decided to change.

Sometimes you may run back and rekindle the relationship you had with the comfort zone. It’s like old times. But you need to realise the reason you broke up with old CZ! It’s time for you to change for the better. CZ will only keep you bogged down in a relationship that will take you nowhere! Get out of your Comfort Zones!! It’s time to make a new start toward your goals!!

Start with something small. Change the route you drive to work. Instead of driving to work, walk to work (if that is practical!), If you always take the dog for a walk on Wednesday evenings, change it to another day! If you always eat the same cereal for breakfast, change it!! Have you always wanted to lose a few extra pounds/kilograms? Stop sitting in front of the TV and go for a walk around you block (if you are really keen, try running!). Get out of bed on the opposite side in the morning.

These may seem small things, but you will find if you break your routine (which has resulted from our malevolent friend “Comfort Zone”), you will find that your life is richer. Then you can start tackling the bigger areas.

But remember, just take it one day at a time. Don’t rush to try and change everything, just take one area in your life and kick out the unwanted guest…COMFORT ZONE!!


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