Why…Thank You!

Hey everyone!

How often do we take things for granted? When we become familiar with people over time do we still show the same gratitude we did when we first met them? How often do we say “Thank-you” for the small things that people do for us?

It may not be our fault. Maybe we have grown up with some selfish expectations. Have you ever seen a child take a toy from another child? The first child feels they have some inherent right to it. Then you have the child who, when given a present, is told to say “Thank-you”. So we see that there is a social-learning going on. 

But then you get people who seem to think that they DESERVE everything. It is like for some reason the universe revolves around them. Perhaps you have seen these people in action. They demand that they get what they want. They throw a tantrum. When you give them something, they don’t show any appreciation. In a nutshell, they are selfish and self-centered.

How can we avoid becoming like that? It is as easy as saying “Thank-you!”. When someone opens a door for you, or says something complimentary, or just gives you something, say “Thank-you!”

These two words mean so much to the receiver. How do you feel when someone says “Thank-you”? It makes you feel appreciated. It makes you feel happy and respected.

But be careful. What was the motive behind your deed of kindness? Was it so people can see “what a kind and caring person I am”? That’s the wrong motive! We should do acts of kindness to be a blessing to others. It is time we got our eyes of ourselves and considered those around us.

When we say “Thank-you” it means so much! You will be amazed at how these two words can change your world in such a powerful way!

Thank-you all for taking the time to read this post! Bless you all!


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