A New Day, A New Page

Hey folks!

How many of you have had a day where you wish you shouldn’t of got out of bed? The familiar  “Day from Hell”. All you can think about is the horrible things that have gone wrong. Then you get into the “Why Me’s?”

Finally the day reaches an end, you climb into bed thanking the Powers that Be, that the day is finally over. You pat yourself on the back for miraculously surviving. You close your eyes to go to sleep, then suddenly a thought jars you awake: What if tomorrow is not going to be any better than today?

You start forecasting all the scenarios that could go wrong tomorrow. “I may trip over the cat when I wake up and get out of bed.”,”I haven’t finished the report the boss has asked for. He’s gonna really give it to me tomorrow!”, “The car has been making a funny noise lately, it will probably seize on me on the way to work. Just my luck!”

What have you just done with these thoughts? You have started to write the script for tomorrow. It is a script of negativity, failure, and pessimism, Inspired by events that have transpired TODAY! You have just prognosticated about tomorrow. Will it be “Ground  Hog Day?” It will be if that is what you are looking for. We find that which we focus on. If we focus on negative events, on the things that may go wrong, then we will find them. But if we look for the positive things, we will find an abundance of those!

Each day is a fresh start. No point in reflecting back on what has been. You can’t change it. Let each day be treated as a blank page. What are you going to write on that page. Tales of woe and misery? Or a tale of positivity and encouragement.  If people were going to read the “story” of your day, what would you like them to read?

You are the author. It is up to you to decide what your story will be.



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