It’s Just a Thought!

Hey everyone!

We have them all the time. Sometimes they make us happy. Sometimes they make us sad. Sometimes they make us angry or scared! We might even stew over them. Toss them over in our minds. What are they? THOUGHTS!

Thoughts can be positive or negative. They have such a powerful effect on us. They can influence our well-being and our health! How often do you think about what is going through your mind. How often do you analyse the thought. We seem to be prone to cuddling up with the negative thoughts, and give a mere wave to the positive thoughts.

We seem to want to reminisce about the negative. The wrong that has been done to us. We plot revenge! We think about what we could of done, or should of done in the situation. We play the scene over and over again in our mind. But what is this really doing? It won’t change the situation, because that is in the past.

It is affecting your enjoyment of the “Now”! You are so busy thinking about the situation (past) and what you will do in revenge (future) that you have no time to enjoy the “Now” (present). It can be hard to just forgive and forget. But that is what we should do. It is true, that we should discuss our feelings and resolve any wrong doing that we may have suffered. But do not meditate on the thought! Just let it glide, and refocus on the “Now”!

As we learn to let our thoughts just be…then we can experience the present moment in a richer way. We will be happier, and ultimately healthier.

So next time a thought pops into your head. Just let it be…do not dwell in it. After all…it’s just a thought!



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