Your Emotional Compass

Hey everyone!

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from a counsellor a couple of years ago. He said “Do not allow anyone else’s emotional compass determine your direction!

I used to allow people who were heading down (south) to bring me down with them. I would be feeling “on top of the world”, next thing I knew someone’s attitude was pulling me down to the cold barrenness of emotional Antartica!

People would be stressing all around me, getting moody, and I would want to try and make them happy. Or I would get nervous because they were angry, next thing I knew my “emotional compass” was going hay-wire! It was like I had somehow been sucked into an emotional Bermuda Triangle! (Have you ever noticed when people are in a bad mood, it seems to spread. But if you are in a happy mood and others around you are in a bad mood, they don’t catch your happiness?)

But then, when I was given that sage advice about not allowing other people’s emotions dictate which way my emotions went, I decided to change! I refused to take on board other people’s negativity. If people around you want to be negative and moody, let them! Do not own that emotion. Do not allow it to come on you, for once you do, your compass is going to point “South” and you’ll be heading down to emotional turmoil! Do you think that the person having “a moment” really cares that he or she has just made you feel moody too? NO!!

So refuse to allow the moods and negative attitudes of those around you to influence your “emotional compass”. Point the needle to “North” and head upwards, not downwards. There are going to be times when the needle will be bumped and influenced by “environmental” factors (grumpy, depressed, negative people). But just make a readjustment in your emotion, recognise that it has been sent slightly off-kilter, and then get back on track. Remember these words, just as I do everyday:

Do not allow anyone else’s emotional compass determine your direction!

Once you decide that, then you will find your life become happier, you’ll have greater serenity and more peace!



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