I think I am Happy…

Hey everyone!

Are you happy? Truly happy? Or do you merely think you are? How do I know if I am or not? Well…you just kind of know. Do you spend most of the day smiling? Do you get out of bed in the morning with a groan or with a song? Do you appreciate the things you have in your life?

Too often happiness is perceived (and promoted by TV ads!) as something that is determined by external factors. You might say to yourself, “If only I had such and such, then I would be happy.” In a consumerist society we are always dictated to by advertising companies that if we had their product then we would be happy! But guess what, they are always coming out with the latest product, and then you feel sad because you need the latest thing! (plus, if all you needed for happiness was their first product, why did they replace it with the new one!)

We also can be too reliant on others to fulfill our happiness. Uncle Joe may of promised to take you out to dinner, but then he forgot and now you are sad. What happens next? You start to think of all the other times Uncle Joe may have let you down. Then you think of other people and how they have disappointed you.  Then you start to get upset and angry! But you need to realise that Uncle Joe, just like anyone else, is human and prone to make mistakes. Think about the things that people have done for you, how they have helped you, picked you up when you may of been feeling down. Start to appreciate your friends and family.

True happiness comes from within. It is an accepting of yourself.  It is an appreciation of the things you have, not taking them for granted, but just being thankful that you are blessed enough to have them. Happiness is an accepting that other people are human, just like you, and they will make mistakes, but you love them still the same. Sure there will be times when they will irritate you, but how many times have you irritated them?

Happiness is an accepting of circumstances. Realising that what has been, has been. It is in the past and there is nothing you can do to change it. Focus instead on the thing you can change: the future. What do you want it to be like?

Happiness is realising that you are a unique individual. There is no one else like you. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Be at peace with yourself. if there is something that you do not like about yourself, ask yourself why you don’t like that part. Maybe it is just you being too hard on yourself. If you accept yourself, appreciate yourself, and love yourself, then you will find it easier to accept, appreciate and love those around you.

Too many times I have seen people blame others for their misery. They blame circumstances (granted there will be times when things can get on top of us!), they blame their work. They think that by changing jobs, moving to a new town, or taking some other drastic measure, it will make them happy! It doesn’t! Why? Because their happiness was not and is not determined by external factors. True happiness lies within the individual. Have you ever heard people say “Think happy thoughts!”?  It is true that as we think, we become.

Are you happy? If you say  “I think I am”, suggests that you are not sure. Have a look within yourself, what do you need to change? Go ahead and change it! Then you will be able to answer the question “Are you happy?” with and emphatic: Yes I am!



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