An exercise/challenge for y’all!

Hey everyone!How are you all doing? To my followers I just want to extend a heartfelt thank-you and I appreciate you all. I hope you all have gotten something out of my posts and I look forward to providing you with a lot more helpful insights that will make your life more enjoyable, happy, fun... Continue Reading →


Learn and move on!

Hey everyone!We all have one (I hope!). It's called a "past". How often do we live in in it though? How often do we drag up all the bad things from it? I am pretty sure that we can all find something negative in our pasts that we wish we could do something about. Or... Continue Reading →

Put the “Negative Nellies” out to Pasture!

Hey guys and gals!Have you ever had someone around you who is constantly moaning about something. No matter what, they are always finding something to whine about. You probably live with these kinds of people, you might work with them. Dare I say it? You might be one! They complain about the smallest thing. They... Continue Reading →


Be Persistent, and the door will open!

Hey there folks!The other night I was watching TV and I heard scratching on my front door. That's not unusual, it was the cat that the neighbour's had abandoned (whom I have kind of adopted). He is always scratching when he wants to come in for food (which seems to be every 10 minutes!).Anyway, there... Continue Reading →


Maximise the minimum

Hey everyone!Look around you. What do you mainly see? Usually people in a hurry. People slogging at work day after day, trying to keep up with the demands of society. Trying to "get ahead". But get ahead of what? Usually it is ahead of everyone else. But everyone else is in the same boat! Talk... Continue Reading →



Hi folks!Today is time for something practical! Are you excited? I bet you are!!!Admit it. You have had a day when everything seems to be going wrong! You feel all stressed, your body is tense. You just want to relax. Here is an exercise that you can do that will help remove the tension and... Continue Reading →


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