Put the “Negative Nellies” out to Pasture!

Hey guys and gals!

Have you ever had someone around you who is constantly moaning about something. No matter what, they are always finding something to whine about. You probably live with these kinds of people, you might work with them. Dare I say it? You might be one! They complain about the smallest thing. They make it sound like they’re hard done by because someone has done something they don’t like. They take the smallest thing as a personal attack.

These people are “Negative Nellies”! You can actually feel them draining the energy out of you by their constant complaining! It is usually over the smallest things too. They whinge and moan and complain and wear you down with their negativity! Do you have to put up with them? No!

So how do you deal with these “Negative Nellies”? You put them out to pasture, where they can roam free with their own kind. If you notice, these people like to gather and share their tales of woe! How do I put them out to pasture? You do it by ignoring their comments. Don’t let them spill their negativity and complaints on you. When you see them gathering, don’t get involved in the gripe session. Just refuse to put up with their whinges, moans and complaints.

Let these “Negative Nellies” out to pasture. Let them roam free in their paddock of negativity, where they can whinny and kick their hooves to their hearts content! Then you can enjoy the peace and quite of your own paddock. 🙂



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