An exercise/challenge for y’all!

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? To my followers I just want to extend a heartfelt thank-you and I appreciate you all. I hope you all have gotten something out of my posts and I look forward to providing you with a lot more helpful insights that will make your life more enjoyable, happy, fun and positive.

Today I want to share an exercise that I came across the other night. It is quite a simple wee exercise, yet is so powerful! I love those one’s the best! Research into this exercise has shown that it can decrease depressive symptoms for up to six months (and beyond). So if you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, suffering from major negative emotions, or just simply want a pick me up, then this exercise is for you! It is called “Three good things”

Every night, for the next week, look back on your day just before going to bed and think of three things that went well for you. Write these down and reflect upon your involvement in them.

There are three important factors at play here:

  1. Writing down the events as this causes you to focus on the events
  2. Reflection on your role in the events enables you to look at the perceived self-control you had in the events. This assists in boosting your well-being
  3. The duration of the exercise. Do it everyday for 1 week. If you cannot manage to do it for this period, then do it once a week for the next six weeks.

Too many times we focus on what went wrong during the day. We go home with the weight of the world on our shoulders and have a tendency to take it out on the one’s we love. But it’s not their fault, they had nothing to do with what happened to you during the day! Why are they in the firing-line?

This exercise will cause you to begin to focus on what went right during the day. It also enables you to reflect on how you contributed to the events and that can only have one effect: you feel good about yourself. Your self-esteen has just gone up a notch or three!

I challenge you all to do this exercise and see what affect it has on the mind-set you have about the day. You will find that your mind-set will habitually move from a negative view point, to a positive point-of-view!

Feel free to drop me a message to let me know if you have taken up this exercise and how it has changed you and your viewpoint!



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