Who cares what THEY think!?!

Hey folks!

Yeah…I know…I know…it’s been a while since my last post. I just had to focus on some major exams that I had. How did I go with them? Feeling pretty confident. I’ll let you all know when I get my results back. 

But, anyway, back to the point of business. The other week i was having a discussion with a friend. She was saying that she was not really keen on trying new things. I asked why and she said that it was because she could not bear the thought of people laughing at her if she failed. I said “Who cares what they think?” (Apparently SHE did!)

People are always willing to pull down those who are trying to achieve. They discourage people from advancing either on a personal development level, a business level, or any other level you care to think of! But why do these people want to put you down and discourage you. Simply for one reason: they feel threatened

If you have decided to advance in some area, these people may feel the need to do the same! But how dare they leave their comfort zones! As far as they are concerned they are happy and don’t need some “upstart” making them feel inferior, just because this “upstart” has decided to make a change in his/her life. 

The other side to this is for you to keep the status quo. Don’t change and nobody will ridicule you. Nobody will feel threatened by you. Everyone is happy! But the question is: Are you truly happy, or do you kid yourself into believing that you are? 

What dreams and ambitions have you got? Why don’t you go and chase them? You might use the excuse that “People will laugh at me and ridicule me if I fail”. But, like I said to my friend, where are the people that put you down heading? NOWHERE!! What are they achieving with their lives? I dare say NOT MUCH! So why should we allow these people to influence our lives? If you think about it, you are being held prisoner by your own fears and a desire not to be made to look like an idiot for failing.

But, guess what? I would rather try, fall over, fail, then try again instead of not trying at all. At least I am moving in a direction rather than staying still with a bunch of other people who are also not moving! 

Who knows? You might be the motivating factor that someone has been waiting for! If you start to move in the direction to pursue your dreams and goals, you may just be an example to someone else. And that someone else might start to pursue their dreams and goals too! You may also find some people get alongside you and encourage you rather than put you down! 

But do not allow other people’s lack of ambition and feelings of inferiority cause you not to move forward. We only get one shot at life. Make the most of it! Go out and have fun! Chase your dreams. Go for it!!



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