Don’t Worry….Be Happy!

Hi folks!Can you all remember the Bobby McFerrin song that was such a huge hit in the 1980s? It was so catchy and it was all about not worrying and being happy!How much time do we spend worrying about was has been? We can't change the past. How much time do we worry about the... Continue Reading →


Get Uncomfortable!

Hey everyone! I honestly hope that you are all getting something out of my posts. They are a reflection of where I am with my life and the self-motivation and encouragement I give to myself. But I love to share and encourage others to be all they can be. At times in our lives we can "rest... Continue Reading →

No excuses!

Hi guys and gals!We make them all the time. We make them for ourselves. We might even make them for other people. What are they? EXCUSES!!It is so easy to make excuses. it means that we do not have to deal with certain things in our lives. it means that we do not have to... Continue Reading →


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