No excuses!

Hi guys and gals!

We make them all the time. We make them for ourselves. We might even make them for other people. What are they? EXCUSES!!

It is so easy to make excuses. it means that we do not have to deal with certain things in our lives. it means that we do not have to change. We make excuses for other people, because it is easier to do that then to face the reality of the other person’s behaviour. 

Excuses allow us to maintain the status quo. They give us reasons as to why we let our lives our lives to remain as they when people ask us why we do not want to change. But excuses are disempowering. They provide us with illusion. They are subtle defense mechanisms we call upon to justify ourselves and our lot in life.

I could come up with a a raft of excuses as to why my life is where it is at right now. I could also blame other people, blame circumstances, but such behaviour does not get one to where one wants to be in life. What goals do you have for your life? What ambitions have you got? What are your dreams? 

Are you making excuses as to why you are not pursuing your dreams and ambitions? STOP IT!! Start coming up with reasons as to why you should be chasing your dreams. Set goals for yourself. Make plans not excuses!! Once you put these things in practise, see how far you go!

The only person stopping you is YOU! Put away the excuse book! Chase your dreams and goals. Have fun! 




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