Get Uncomfortable!

Hey everyone! 

I honestly hope that you are all getting something out of my posts. They are a reflection of where I am with my life and the self-motivation and encouragement I give to myself. But I love to share and encourage others to be all they can be. 

At times in our lives we can “rest on our laurels” and enjoy where we are at in our life-journey. There is nothing wrong with that, especially if one has put in a lot of work to reach that point. Take some time out and congratulate yourself. Heck, even go and reward yourself for getting to that point!

The danger lies in staying at that point. We may look at people around us, they don’t seem to be achieving much with their lives. When encouraged to do something with their lives, they come up with a bunch of excuses as to why they do not want to. “I don’t know how”, “I’m too thick”, “I haven’t got the skills”. Chances are they are only giving reasons because they are comfortable and they do not want to get out of the rut. They may have dreams, but it would require effort and these people do not have the motivation to expend the energy to bring their dreams into reality.

Sometimes in your life, you may have periods where you get comfortable. You know there is more that you have to do, but you want to settle down and enjoy the comfort. Be warned, the more time you spend in your “comfort-zone”, the harder it will be to break out of it! I know, I have been there!! It takes a lot of self-talk and motivation to get the train back on the track again. 

If you find yourself in a rut, it’s time to break out of it! I have heard a rut described as “a coffin with the ends kicked out.” If there are things that you still need to achieve. If there are goals that you are striving toward. If there are dreams that you are still to realise, then get out of your comfort-zone!

It is time to get uncomfortable! For in doing so, you are making progress. Be the one who is willing to do what others won’t, so that you can have what others don’t!




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