Don’t Worry….Be Happy!

Hi folks!

Can you all remember the Bobby McFerrin song that was such a huge hit in the 1980s? It was so catchy and it was all about not worrying and being happy!

How much time do we spend worrying about was has been? We can’t change the past. How much time do we worry about the future? Who knows, the thing that you are worried about will probably never happen! But what is happening while you are worrying is you are robbing yourself of the enjoyment of now!

Worry is a liar and a thief! It lies about things that might not happen. It always comes in with “What if…” statements. But those statements have no real factual basis, it is just worry building up a weak, baseless case built around our fears. 

Worry is a thief because it steals our enjoyment. We are so anxious about things that may happen. We find that we can not enjoy “NOW” because all our thoughts and emotions are tied up with thinking about worse case scenarios! Our happiness is taken from us!

I used to worry a lot about a lot of things! I used to worry about what people would think about me (heck I even thought I knew exactly what they were thinking about me! Not good thoughts either!). I used to worry about the future (What if such and such happens? What will I do? How will i cope?) But I have realised that my worries were fictitious! It was just my fears, self-doubt, and insecurity collaborating together to created fairy tales!

How did I overcome my worries? First by challenging the accuracy of my thoughts. How sound is the argument put forward by my worry? You will find that the arguments are usually weak! Next I also realised that “whatever will be will be”. That might sound blase, but if the thing that you worry about does come to pass, then just deal with it in it’s own due time. You may even find that it was not the “mountain” you made it out to be. 

Another thing that I learned was how to practice “mindfulness”. If you don’t know what “mindfulness” is, then you can easily do a Google search. But here is a website that you can check out:

Simply, in a nutshell, mindfulness is the practice of enjoying, to the fullest extent,  the moment that you are in now. 

So, forget about the past, you can not change what has been. Do not stress or worry about the future, that can still be changed for the better anyway. Just be happy in the “NOW”. Enjoy the moment that you are in. 

If you do that, then you truly will find that you “Don’t Worry”, but rather that you will “Be Happy”!




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