Introspection: How well do you know yourself?

Hi folks!

Yeah, I know. It’s been a while since I have written anything. I have been so busy with my psychology Diploma and now it is finished! But I apologise to my followers for being so unreliable with my posts. Will you forgive me? 

Today I want to talk about “introspection”. It maybe something that you are doing, but not realising what it is. Maybe it is something that you may want to do. Then, dare I say, there are those people who think that they do not need to do it because they see themselves as perfect (Oh, I wish I could attain such a high level of improvement!)

But what, exactly, is meant by introspection? Simply it is looking within yourself and analysing your mental processes and your emotions. Why do you react like you do to a situation? What thoughts are running through your mind? How accurate are those thoughts? What emotion(s) are you feeling? Is it an appropriate emotion to the situation? If not, what can be done to modify your emotional reaction? Here is a hint: Consider your the thoughts that are running helter-skelter through your mind. Thoughts are powerful influencers of emotion! Don’t believe me? Try this wee experiment: Next time you are feeling sad, stop and consider what you are thinking about? Likewise, when you are feeling happy and “on top of he world”, see what thoughts are running in that head of yours! 

Sometimes people may know us better than we know ourselves. They know how we will respond to a situation and why. But sometimes the “why” is something we, ourselves, try and deny. It is easier to ignore a cause than to face it. Have you ever come across a situation where somebody may blame everyone and everything rather than look at themselves? Those people need major “introspection”!  

Introspection is not a bad thing. It can be self-enlightening as you discover things about yourself that you have never known before. Those “a-ha” moments can be exciting and liberating. I have had many of those moments and it has helped me to rectify things in my own life! Plus they also seem to enable you to understand people in a deeper way. 

The process does not have to be long and drawn out. It can be as simple as asking yourself “Why did I react like I did just now? Is it because I misunderstood something? Could I react differently next time a similar situation occurs? If so, how?” That process can take as little as a minute or two! 

As you learn more about yourself by looking inward, you will be amazed at the self-discoveries you will make. It is those self-discoveries that enlighten you to who you truly are and, if necessary, allow you to discard those parts that you don’t like. You will also find that you will grow personally and that, as a by-product, your world will change for the better!

So…go forth! Look at yourself. Consider yourself! Introspect and grow!







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