Live Life Out Loud

Hi folks!

So we reach the end of another year! Have you achieved what you wanted this year, or has just another year “slipped by”? If you have just let 2013 breeze past you and you feel like you have not reached your goals (did you have any ?), do not lose heart! You are still alive and kicking and so that means that you can still achieve all you desire. 

I want to share with you something I saw written a few weeks ago on the back of a truck. It was “Live Life Out Loud”. Make that your motto/mantra for 2014!! Forget about 2013, it is over. A new year is upon us. A year full of opportunity and potential.

Live Life Out Loud! That does not mean that you have to be boisterous or “in your face” with everyone. To me it means going out and enjoying life, having fun, aiming for the stars as you reach for the goals you have set. For me I had a few goals I wanted to achieve in 2013, I achieve some of them but not all of them. Does that mean I should quit? NO!! I just refocus and reset my goals for this year. 

If you are not a goal setter, do not be worried. I wasn’t either until, for some reason, I decided on New Years Eve 2012 to write down what I wanted to get out of 2013. I got some things and I missed some things. But I do not concern myself on the things I haven’t achieved, I celebrate the successes!

So “forget what lies behind”, push forward. Face 2014 with enthusiasm, expectancy and joy. Sure there will be ups and downs throughout the year, but use those times to grow personally and become a stronger person. Set some goals for the year, do not make too may though, otherwise you will be so overwhelmed. Make at most 4-5 goals (if you are ambitious enough you can make more if you want, but be realistic) and go for it! 

Make 2014 the year that you “Live Life Out Loud!”





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