Release your energy and create your world!

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a great New Years Eve and New Years Day. Welcome to 2014! A brand new year and a brand new beginning!

The other day I was thinking about energy and it’s different states. So I want to use a wee physics analogy to illustrate how you can create the world and life that you desire. Energy is always in one of two forms: potential and kinetic.

Potential energy is energy that is at rest. It’s kinda sitting around, not doing much until something excites that energy. Then suddenly BOOM!, the energy has transformed from a rest state into another state whereby there is action. This is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy at work creating. It is energy in action!

So then, what’s that got to do with life? 

With life, you can either sit around and do nothing or you can actually create the life you want.

You have a “potential”. I’m sure you have all heard the phrase: “So-and-so has potential.” How often is one’s potential fully realised? Without action, there is no change. The potential to be who you are, or create the world/life that you desire, remains unrealised. 

What needs to happen is to have something excite the potential you have and then: BOOM!! The potential you have has become an action as you create the dream/vision that you have for your life. Now your “potential energy” has turned into “kinetic energy”! You are creating something as you transform your potential into reality! Potential can only be transformed through action.

What potential do you have? What will it take to ignite that potential? Do you need someone to give you a push, thus transferring their “kinetic energy” to you so that you can transform your potential and create a new life? 

Do not allow your life to become a store of unrealised potential, release it and you will be amazed at how things will change! Go and create the life you desire!





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