Inconsistently Consistent

How many times have you started something, but you did it half-heartedly. You had enthusiasm, but then you got busy with something else. The first project is still there and you pay attention to it every now and then, but the enthusiasm you had has waned. You wonder why things aren't progressing as fast as... Continue Reading →


I’m Prosperous and Rich!!! (Are you really…?)

We live in a world where success seems to depend on the size of your bank account and the flashy house you live in. How many of us are trying to keep up with the Joneses? Who are they trying to keep up with?In our materialistic society, your prosperity and success in life is determined... Continue Reading →

Me, Myself and I – the selfish triplets!!

"Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!"That is all that seems to come out of some people's mouths. Everything has to be about them or revolve around them. I know a few people like that and it is draining! There are only three people that seem to exist in such people's lives: Me, Myself and IThe other... Continue Reading →


Fear, why do I imagine you?

Okay, here is the scenario:You are facing a situation, one that you may not have experienced before. You are anxious enough about it, but then your mind decides to help you freak out even more! How does your mind decide to help? It helps you by causing you to think about the "What ifs..." next... Continue Reading →


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