I’m Prosperous and Rich!!! (Are you really…?)

We live in a world where success seems to depend on the size of your bank account and the flashy house you live in. How many of us are trying to keep up with the Joneses? Who are they trying to keep up with?

In our materialistic society, your prosperity and success in life is determined by such things as those mentioned above. Is that an accurate description of prosperity? I would say “No!” 

One can have all the money in the world and yet still be poor. How so? They could be socially impoverished, spiritually impoverished or emotionally poor. Prosperity stretches well beyond the realm of materialism.  

Imagine this scenario: A person has a billion dollars in the bank. They are prosperous right? What if you found out that the individual is always lying awake at night worrying about losing all the money, scheming ways to get more. They have superficial friends who will quickly abandon the person if ever the person became completely broke. Now the person is striving to maintain the friendships with these shallow people. Also, this individual is married with 3 children. Yet in order to maintain the lifestyle that the family has become accustomed to, this person is constantly on business trips and very rarely sees their spouse and the children. 

Do you think individual in the scenario is truly prosperous? True prosperity is holistic in that it encompasses all areas of you life. I suggest that prosperity can be divided into different areas:

  • Emotional/Mental: If you are happy with your life and satisfied with where you are at, then you are emotionally prosperous. If you do not lie awake at night worrying about things. If you can look at setbacks as challenges rather than failures and treat them as “growth” opportunities, then your emotional/mental bank account is healthy! 
  • Social: Do you have close friendships? Are they deep friendships based on mutual trust? How “one sided” are the friendships? If you find that people around you are taking more than giving, then it is time for you to analyse what is going on. Are you being used and taken advantage of? How well do you get on with those around you? Social prosperity can be reflected in the fact that people enjoy your company and praise your virtues. Friendships are deep, meaningful and reciprocal.
  • Home life: How much time do you spend with your family and your children? Society has a way of pulling our time and attention in all sorts of directions, yet the most important area needs to be your family. If you find that you are “in debt” in this area, then it is time to sit down and take stock of what is draining your time and attention, then change!
  • Spiritual: This area is highly subjective. If there is something that is robbing you of your inner peace and tranquility, then it may be time for you to gather some spiritual prosperity! It does not have to require a lot of time and effort. 30 minutes a day in mediation will do wonders. 
  • Materialistic: I would be considered a complete idiot if I did not think that we all need money. That’s why we work, gamble, save and invest. The greater the assets you have and the less the liabilities determines your “net worth”. If you find that you are constantly trying to make ends meet, then it is time for making some decisions (legal ones!) about how to either increase your income or reduce your expenses.  

True prosperity could be described as having all the above areas in balance. Then you can say “I’m prosperous and rich…in all areas of my life!”



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