Phew! What a day…!

We all have them, days that we wish we should have stayed in bed. Those days where, if anything is going to go wrong, it will. Several times. Just to make sure that your day is really bad! I had one of those days several weeks ago!

How do you cope when the stress slowly mounts and you find yourself get more and more wound up and tense? I know some people who decide to unwind by pouring themselves a wine or three. Others go and take out their stress out on those they love: their family, girlfriend/boyfriend or friends. Yet others draw within themselves and reminisce on the negativity of the day. This only leads to feelings of despair, depression and hopelessness. These ways are maladaptive because, though they may appear to alleviate the stress, they do so in unhealthy ways. 

There are many ways that we can deal with stress in healthy and productive ways. Starting this week, I will begin a series about how to identify stress and the different techniques that you can use to minimise the affect that it has not only on your mental well-being but also on your health. I hope that you will enjoy the series and that you get a lot of benefit out of it. Feel free to leave me comments to say what you enjoy in the series and how it may of helped you. 

The first part in the series is going to be all about what stressors are and what affect they have on our minds and bodies. So stay tuned!



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