Experience the Now


It is granted that life can keep us busy. In the mornings, whilst having breakfast, you may be thinking about the day ahead. Planning what you are going to do. Are the kids ready for school? Have I got everything ready for work? Where did I put that report that’s due today? Looking at the clock, you panic as there is only 15 minutes before you have to be out the door. During the day you rush from one task to the other. If only you could just “STOP!”

Does that sound familiar? Does the above describe you? Are you wishing that life would just slow down for a minute so you could enjoy it a bit more? Do you sometimes wish time would come to a screeching halt, even for a split second, so that you can stop being so busy and enjoy life? When we get so focused on being busy, we lose focus of what is happening around us. So how do we “stop” in our busyness?  All it takes is a conscious effort.

For the two weeks (or try and make it four weeks, as it is said it takes at least a month to form a new habit) try this experiment:

During the day, just stop what you are doing for five minutes. Close your eyes and take in some deep breathes. Focus on your breathing. Do this for a minute. Now open your eyes and just look around you. What do you see? Look at the things around you as though it is the first time you have seen them. What are the shapes and colours of the objects? Listen. What do you hear? Are there any sounds in the distance? What are they? Now close your eyes and sniff the air. What can you smell? Is it pleasant or unpleasant? What else can you smell? Now focus on yourself. How do you feel? Are you relaxed or stressed? If you still feel stressed, do some more deep breathing and visualise the air rushing through your body, relaxing and energising every part of it.

After the exercise, ask yourself how you feel? Did you find yourself more aware as to what is happening around you?

We all need to take time out of our daily busyness and appreciate what is happening “here and now”. Instead of our minds constantly thinking ahead, planning what to do next, we need to experience “this moment”. It’s more than a superficial experience. When we begin to use all of our senses in a more profound way, then we will begin to find a new richness in the life around us.

It is then that we truly “experience the now.” When our minds are constantly planning ahead, it is robbing us of the chance to experience “this moment” in all it’s richness and diversity.

So, do yourself a favour, stop and enjoy “now”! You will find that life takes on a new, exciting and profound level.




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