The motivating force of depression.

There are a lot of articles on the web that discuss the issue of depression and its effect on motivation. But I want to look at the topic from a different perspective in that depression can become a motivator. That sounds controversial but let me explain from my own personal struggle with depression.

When one is depressed, the motivation to do anything dwindles. You just want to curl up and hide from life. Life has given you a knock out blow and hope has kissed you goodbye.

It’s the lack of hope, the idea that nothing you have done, are doing, or doing is going to change the situation. Things look bleak now and the future looks even worse. So why bother?

The negative rumination kicks in and you check off each thought one by one and agree with their verdict. “You’re useless” “You’re a failure” “No point trying to do anything because the results are just going to be the same.”

So we go to our safe place. The place where we hide ourselves when depressed. It’s not a great place because it’s dark and full of negativity but ironically it’s embraced and welcomed because it feels safe and secure. It’s a familiar place.

You have reached the bottom and can’t go any lower. So there is only one way to go: UP!

But why bother going up when you know at the top there is nothing. No hope. No point in anything. The thoughts are swirling, accusing, judging. Yet how long can you stay at the bottom?

I have hit the bottom so many times and have to force myself up. Depression can knock you down and keep you pinned down but at the end of the day you have to fight.

That’s where depression is the motivator. It forces you down but you have been down so many times you get tired of it. You get weary of the worrying thoughts and the negativity that is part and parcel of depression. So you decide enough is enough.

You decide to fight back.

You have to force yourself to look for something to hope for. Scan the bleak colourless horizon before you and look at the dark clouds around you. Study them. Look between them for a hint of light. A wee speck of brightness behind the darkness. That’s the hope that you seek. Stay focused on it and move toward it.

It doesn’t have to be anything big as long as it gives you hope.

Look around you at your support team (friends and family) Be thankful for them.

I can tell you right now that what I suggest isn’t easy when you are in the midst of depression. It’s hard.

But it’s necessary for you so that you can live the life you dream of.

The clouds will come and go, but look beyond them and through them to the brightness that lays behind them.

Fight and win.


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