Focus on Yourself!

    One of the banes of society is that people seem to compare their lifestyle with those around them. How many times have we looked at the metaphorical "Joneses" and wished that we had what they have? How does it make you feel when you compare your life with those around you? We can... Continue Reading →


“Door Openers”

Every now and then we all come across someone who, inadvertently, with kindness causes us to unlock a part of our memories that we have hidden away. I refer to these people as "Door Openers". Usually these memories are locked away because those they¬†are too painful, or too traumatic, to face. I had a situation... Continue Reading →

No excuses!

Hi guys and gals!We make them all the time. We make them for ourselves. We might even make them for other people. What are they? EXCUSES!!It is so easy to make excuses. it means that we do not have to deal with certain things in our lives. it means that we do not have to... Continue Reading →


Are you a floating Island?

Some peoople just cruise through life without any sense of purpose or direction. After all "Que Sera Sera", right? Whatever will be will point making plans they never work out anyway!These people are always blown about by the whims and wishes of other people. Their direction is determined by the winds of those around... Continue Reading →


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