Seek hope

Hi everyone,

First I want to apologise, it’s been a long time since my last post.

Over the past several months I have relocated to a new country and the transition has been hard at times. There have been high points but these have been far exceeded by low points when I have hit the bottom of despair and felt like I could not carry on. Through these times there has been someone who has been my angel who has told me not to give up and remain positive. My wife.

Reflecting back on the low points I find that hope had abandoned me and that there was little point pushing forward. However, I could still see glints of hope breaking through the black, heavy clouds of despair. My angel was also by my side encouraging me to keep going.

When I had things to hope for, I was fine. But then those things would be taken away and I would find myself back in the downward spiral. I was tired of pushing forward when there was nothing to hope for. Looking to the horizon for something, anything that could give me hope,  I would, at times find something and then I realised things aren’t as bad as they seem.

From the past half year I have learned that one needs hope. Without hope, there is nothing to strive for, nothing to look forward to. When my wife was telling me to remain positive, I replied that at times it’s hard to do so when things weren’t happening the way I imagined they would. Yet she was the rock that kept me anchored. My focus was on the things that weren’t happening rather than on the things that were happening. When someone is in the grips of despair and hopelessness, their focus emphasises the negative and ignores the positive. The opposite happens when you are feeling great and have hope.

I have also realised that things don’t happen the way you expect them to. Life loves to through “curve balls” at you. It’s how you deal with those balls that determines if you’re going to win or lose the game. At times I found I punted them and other times I hit them out of the park. You also need to hit the balls out of the park and win the game.

When it seems that hope has abandoned you and there is little reason to move forward, seek out something to hope for and make your way towards it.





Allow the Rays of Happiness to burn!

Hi there guys and gals!

This morning it was a bit drizzly outside and, sometimes, if one is feeling a little”down and out” they feel more sad when the weather is grey and miserable. I remember a bit of sage advice that was given to me many years ago. It was this:

The Sun is always shining, it’s just that the clouds are in the way

At times it can be hard to be happy, especially when things are mounting up and getting on top of you. Nor is it realistic to expect someone to be happy all the time! Life can, and does, sometimes get you down. At times we feel like we are overwhelmed by circumstances and we may feel hope eroding. Here is a wee analogy I came up with this morning as I watched the rain drops run down my windows. 

The Sun is always shining (that is our happiness and positivity), but sometimes the clouds gather (these can be the overwhelming circumstances/situations we face) and obscure our happiness. The clouds may be so heavy (our circumstances/situations become too much to bear) that the only outlet is for the rain to fall (the rain is our tears as we cry in despair). But eventually the Sun’s rays burn away the clouds. The rain stops, the clouds part and we have a bright, sunny day! The end result is analogous to us have regained hope and focus for the future as the “rays of happiness and positivity” burn away the clouds of despair. Our tears (the rain) stops and we find the clouds parting as we face the future with a renewed vitality.

Next time you are feeling down, just remind yourself that the Sun is always shining! Allow the rays of positivity and hope to burn away the clouds that are gathering. Just because it may be “cloudy and raining” in your life at the moment does not mean that the forecast is for it to stay that way!  Let your forecast read: Bright, sunny days ahead full of happiness, hope and joy!