Go to your “Happy Place”

Hi everyone! In my last post I mentioned about how meditation helps to destress you and also how it helps to center yourself. In this post i want to take meditation up a notch. No, I do not want you to stand on your head or anything random, I just want you to use your... Continue Reading →


Sit and meditate!

  Welcome to another instalment in my reducing stress and anxiety series! Over the past few weeks I have shown you how to identify tension in your body and techniques on how to eliminate the tension. Now we will turn our attention to the inner storms that may be occurring in our minds and souls.... Continue Reading →

OMG! What a weird day!

Hey guys and gals!Today has to have been one of the weirdest days I have experienced in a long time! Maybe I was one of the few that actually got up on the right side of the bed. All day I was surrounded by negativity!Is there some celestial misalignment going on that I was not... Continue Reading →


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